Banksy In Melbourne

More than 80 original Banksy works, sourced from a variety of private collections, will be on display in Melbourne at The Paddock, Federation Square from 7th October. Tickets will be $30.00. In addition to familiar Banksy works such as Girl With A Red Balloon, shown above, there will also be a number of pieces that have never been seen before in public.

Supporting the Banksy retrospective will be works from Australian street artists including Adnate, Bailer, Heesco, Makatron, Ruskidd, Be Free, Conrad Bizjak, Dvate, Jack Douglas, Kaff-Eine, Lucy Lucy, Mike Eleven, Putos, Sirum and 23rd Key. Adnate is known for his 23-metre high street art on the back of the McDonalds building in Hosier Lane in Melbourne. During the Banksy exhibition, Adnate will paint a 6m x 6m mural, while the other Australian street artists will paint panels, which will then be auctioned to raise funds to help Melbourne’s homeless.

It is expected the Banksy retrospective will attract a large number of visitors. More than a decade has passed since Banksy placed his street art onto buildings in AC/DC Lane in Melbourne and during that time street art has moved beyond its grafitti roots and become accepted as mainstream art. In 2015 Banksy opened Dismaland, a ‘bemusement’ park in London, created through the collaborative works and installations of numerous artists, including Banksy. In the first month after opening Dismaland attracted 150,000 visitors.




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